Union Haus is Calvin Sprague (b. 1987), an Rotterdam based freelance graphic designer & illustrator with a knack for colorful, retro & playful styles. Experimenting with basic lines & shapes, he finds harmony by bridging the gap between structure & chaos. Influenced by the early works of Saul Bass to Heinz Edelmann to Milton Glaser, he sees their eccentric, colorful style as a big reason why he grew to love design.

Before Calvin relocated to The Netherlands, he lived his life in Texas. Here he co-founded the studio Pavlov Visuals in 2009 with his brother Ryan Sprague and longtime friend Josh Lacey. Since then, Pavlov has established a recognizable client list from artists such as Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and corporations such as Target and Reebok. What started small with a lot of passion and dedication, became a big success.

Inspired by his father, Calvin set out to travel Europe for a change of scenery in hopes to find inspiration. During his travels, he discovered The Netherlands, land of the bikes. It fueled his creativity and his eagerness to learn more and push harder. In 2014, he decided to make The Netherlands his permanent home. While not having a solid plan, he did have a focus. His focus was to set up a company spotlighting his passions; illustration, typography, mural, and identity work. Finally in 2017, after years of growth, it became a reality: Union Haus was born.

Calvin Sprague
Stadhuisplein 15, Floor M
3012 AR Rotterdam

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